About writing

Here’s the thing about writing.

Not in general, but writing for me.

I do not want it to feel forced, as though I’m writing just to put something out there.

And so, I don’t practice writing as a skill.

It is simply an act of typing fast enough any thought that comes to mind lest I lose it.

I do not know why certain ideas come to mind; I don’t question them.

They are just there, sometimes on a whim and I just write them.

In the act of trying to write words, I am often scared.

There is this fear of what if I can’t attract the reader, entertain him/her.

I realise that people like reading shorter stories; low attention span and what not.

Similar to advertising, I now have to look at page visits, time of visit etc to publish a post.

Just so I can get maximum viewership and readership.

I doubt my writing and content when I see a certain post has views but no likes. Yikes!

And sometimes that happens way too often

But then I tell myself – that’s not what you set out to achieve.

All you want to do is to write a story.

Do that and just that.

Write so you are happy with what you’ve written.

If people like what you write – great!

It doesn’t matter if they don’t.

All you need to ensure is that you like what you write.

You enjoy the process.

You love the characters and the journey you have with them.


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