Flash fiction – all those afternoons

pexels-photo-57826I think of that lazy afternoon we lay in bed; curtains drawn aside so I could see the rain outside. Louis was on his phone checking Facebook or some such mundane thing. I watched the rain fall; heavy droplets on the window pane. I was lost in thought thinking about everything and nothing really.

That was eons ago. We’re not teens anymore.

Today I lie in bed. Louis is still at my side and he’s still on his phone; this time probably checking his emails or chats. Now, there’s a baby at my bosom babbling in what we now call his fundle-dee language. I stroke his golden brown curls and smile at his struggle to sit up straight on my chest.

Louis is smiling at me too; wonder in his eyes. Did you ever think we’d last this long? he asks. I shake my head to say no, tears in my eyes. I wish you didn’t have to go so soon. Couldn’t you stay just a little longer? I ask again.

I can’t sweetheart, he says as he swings his legs off of the bed while pressing his lips to my forehead. I can see his mind is already elsewhere. I’ll see you next Saturday. 5 pm as always he says as he shuts the door behind him.


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