Chasing Sunlight

So this is how breaking up feels like

I wake up this morning thinking I’m finally free

Free from thoughts of you

Free from the constant need to hear your voice

Free from the urge to claw my way back to you

Free, from misery

I think it’s all behind me

Especially when the blue eyed boy smiles

Flashing those dimples my way

Leaning into me, as though I’m the only person he sees

I smile back at him

Tuning out the World for those few seconds

But as I turn my face, squinting up at the sun

It’s you I see, that private goofy smile and a wink just for me

Except you are not really here

It’s not just for me no more

You’re just you and I’m just me

Not us anymore

So I turn back to the blue eyed boy

And tell myself

That this is how moving on feels like.


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