Forgetting you

I was worried I’d eventually forget you

So I went ahead and tattooed your name on my wrist

But time washed the ink away

I scribbled our story on little notes

And placed them in all my usual spots

But the wind blew them all askew

I asked my friends to talk to me about you

But destiny gave them busier lives

I begged life to gift you back to me

Sorry, she said. He’s asked for someone else

I thought then that I’d give you up

But my heart, it had a mind of its own

It sat and rewrote every single memory

Every story and every word you whispered

And ingrained it in my blood

Over and over again

Like a broken record

That refuses to be fixed

So I’m worried now

That I’ll never forget

Your name. Your memory. Your stories.

And you.


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