Puppy dynamics

IMAGE CREDIT: PEXELS.COMpexels-photo (2)

Stubborn. Bull-headed. And a complete nincompoop.

That’s who I am

I know you’re telling me you’re here. For me.

That’s not what I want, though.

So, I push you away

I know you know I’m being deliberately rude

It’s only a matter of time, I tell myself

No one loves another enough to stay

In the face of utter disregard and derogation

But you?

You are like a puppy that’s been kicked to the curb

You come back to me, every time

Grinning; your smile warm and coloring me incandescent

I don’t want you, I growl

One time too many

You back away cowering

And I’m glad that’s that

Until I see you

Walking out with the girl next door

Your hands on her hips

Oblivious to everything around you

Oblivious to me.



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