In your arms


I feel the weight of our hands

Clasped and intertwined in each other

I wonder what you’ll make of it

As I walk with him to meet you

You’re there, standing by yourself

And I see your wide smile

Your face alight

Happy to see me? I wonder

We’d left a lot unspoken after all

That last time

You shake hands with him


Like you want to get it out of the way

And pull me in for a hug

My feet 5 inches off the ground

As you twirl me around

Holding me tight against you

I laugh but still

As your nose touches the crook of my neck

As though you are breathing me in

Just like I am breathing you in

We stay heart to heart

The world slips away

And I realize that it’s in your arms

That I fell exquisite

Cherished and whole

That is how I want life to be


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