The Waiting


My brain is muddled and so is my heart.I sat there waiting and hoping that she would turn up. It took all I had to keep myself from looking at my phone cause she hated that – the inability to shake away the crutches of the company of one’s phone. Does it really make you feel less alone, she’d often asked?

My brain is muddled and so is my heart. For I know not what to do.

We were to meet and chat and make plans for our future. It involved a swanky pad on MG road and tons of kisses. Mention of a king size bed and a Durex vending machine had sneaked its way in.

It was now 15 minutes past our rendezvous time and she wasn’t one to be late. Ever. She’d never before ignored all of my calls either. I wanted to be swallowed whole by the despair and the hopelessness.

I thought the worst. Maybe something happened to her. Maybe she didn’t want to see me anymore. Maybe she thought we were moving too fast. It had just been a month after all. Maybe she was messing around with me. All this while! Maybe she met with an accident. Maybe. Maybe, Maybe.

I sat though; unmoving. Waiting.

As the clock struck 4, a familiar scent enveloped me as she whispered into my ear – found the vending machine yet?


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