What are you here to do? We all have big plans in life. And that’s the deal with plans – they’re never small. Plans of making it big in the workplace, of becoming rich, dreams of getting 500 likes on a Facebook or Instagram post; the list is usually endless.

2 years ago, I did not have a job. Not one I wanted anyway. To get the job I wanted, I got an MBA from a top business school in India. Here I am. I have a job. I’m still not sure if this is the one I want. And, I’m not even sure if I want a job at all!

I ask myself. If it weren’t for the money would I work at all? I’m not so sure anymore. I want to do a lot of things. Write. Travel the world. While away with my charming spouse. Drink tea. lounge about at home.

Is that all there is to life? Am I being a poor little rich kid who doesn’t want the toy it threw a tantrum for?


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