I want to feel good about myself

About the shape of my body

About my belly and thighs and being pudgy

That you are so quick to point out I need to fix

About making decisions for myself

And not having you question every little thing I do

I wish you’d love me for who I am

And not the version you think I should be

I wish you’d understand

That I’m not like you

That my thoughts are different from yours

But not wrong

I wish for once, Mom

You’d understand my point of view

Or at least accept that I have one

That every conversation we have

is not about instruction

But a conversation

Mother to daughter

Cause sometimes it sure feels

That all you want

Is an improved version of me

Cause who I am

Feels not good enough for you

I wish you’d made me feel more confident about myself

Underneath this facade of having it all

I feel small and lacking sometimes

More often than I care to acknowledge anyway


I love you

And I know you love me

But sometimes,  like today

It is not enough.


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